Friday, April 9, 2010

Spaghetti guitars.

Who doesn't love that I presently own the promo single for Link Wray's El Toro? Raise your hand and I'll shoot you like I was Eli Wallach on a bad day.

Also, while researching, just discovered that Chico Buarque and Morricone created an album together: Per Un Pugno di Samba (link provided is from the amazing Loronix site). Why don't I know these things?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cascading bunnies.

...and speaking of Kozyndan, I wasn't much aware of them until a visit to the Munky King store on Melrose Avenue a few years back. Shows how outta the loop I am! They had prints of these images, love at first sight:

I went to their site and found this, which sold me even more:

Go to their site, you won't be disappointed. Technically skilled and interested in things I'm interested in, that should be enough! From vintage photos of Hawaiian women having phone sex to illustrative is all pleasing.

For the record, Munky King had the best painting I've ever seen on its wall. The artist was asking $400. Regrets, regrets. It was about a foot square, maybe three inches deep off the wall. And portrayed a tiny little happy fox - dead center in the middle of the canvas -  jumping in the air with his back to us. <3